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Marc Lynch Scholarship Award

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Marc Lynch Scholarship Award


The Marc Lynch Scholarship Award is a legacy in honor of Marc Lynch of Randall Plumbing & Heating Ltd.  Marc passed away January 5, 2016.  He was a quiet strength behind the Mechanical Contractors Association of Manitoba.  He had a vision of what the association should be and passionately communicated his vision to the staff and the Board of Directors.  The Association intends to carry out his vision of excellence in the industry.

This Scholarship is intended for MCAM member companies’ staff and families.   It will be awarded to students pursuing their first year of a post- secondary program (in the fall-term following the deadline of this application) in any recognized educational institution and discipline. 


Student Name




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Application Assessment Considerations:


The Scholarship Committee will be assessing your application based on criteria reflecting the values of Marc Lynch.   When preparing your submission please consider the following:

LEADERSHIP - Leadership may be demonstrated is many ways.  You may hold leadership positions or may have leadership personality qualities.   Consider how you may participate as a leader is motivating a group to achieve a common goal.  Are you a Hockey Coach? Team Captain? Or do you actively lead your team in motivational team cheers? 

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT – Being an active contributor to his community was a value Marc Lynch lived by.  How are you involved in your community?  Do you lobby for change?  Participate in leadership groups?  Volunteer at a food bank?  Give time to political campaigns?  Sew or knit clothing for the homeless?  Participate in fundraising Campaigns?  Shovel your elderly neighbors’ driveway? 

EDUCATION – A demonstrated effort in your educational outcomes is critical to your successful application.  This can be achieved by either or both qualitative and quantitative assessments from your educators.  Were there additional life commitments that your needed to balance to achieve these outcomes?  That is, did you work? Volunteer? Experience Health issues? Play sports? Please, feel welcome to attach an official transcript from your educational institution. 

VISION/GOALS – Provide information which highlights your future vision or goals, what you believe in or your ability to identify a vision or goal for a community in which you are involved. 

REFERENCES – Inclusion of written references from educators, employers or community leaders (examples: coaches, politicians, Charity board member) highlighting the characters or circumstances that make you a deserving candidate.

EFFORT/EXCELLENCE – When completing your application, please be thorough.  Ensure you meet the qualifying criteria and include this information.  Consider the assessment criteria and create a format to your submission that guides the scholarship committee through a straight forward assessment.  Print neatly or if typing, use an appropriate font and spell check. 

Please submit your application to by March 29th, 2019.  Application received following this date will not be considered.  Applicants will be notified by March 12, 2019 will the final status of their application.

Marc Lynch Scholarship Award












Should your application be successful, a cheque in the amount of $1000.00 will be issued directly to you (to be used for tuition, books or equipment) once confirmation of your acceptance and course enrollment are received by the MCAM office.