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Be vocal today and show your support for the Trans Mountain Pipeline!

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As you know, the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion has been through a rigorous, scientific review that has stretched on for years. The process has been as thorough as anyone could have imagined, and the federal government made the right decision in November of 2016 when they approved the building of the pipeline.

Regrettably, the current in B.C. government wants to stop Trans Mountain before it even begins. In an attempt to set up roadblocks, it is frustrating the nation and putting the future of economic development in Western Canada at risk.

That is why we are hoping you can be vocal in support of Trans Mountain today.

We would like you to send a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley asking them to keep up the public fight for the Trans Mountain Pipeline. You can send a letter and it only takes a minute through our portal.

We would also like to keep public pressure up on the pipeline, and you can help do so by sharing this video on your Facebook profile or by retweeting it on Twitter.

You can also share this great editorial.

There are hundreds of thousands of Canada’s Energy Citizens across Canada. If we are all vocal we can get our voices heard and help build this nation-building $7.4 Billion dollar project.

Be vocal today and build a stronger Canada for tomorrow. Send an email now


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